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Breath of Gloriousness

As the dim whispers to the dawn good night my love,

tonight's so dark in the light of your eager zeal, in all the shades there of. The Angels are out of sight, hovering above. Day light is chasing moon glimmer. A starlight shimmer, the flicker, as the heart's pace gets quicker. Satisfactory undertakings in totality in this night, the things that excite. It's the bellow of the purple nightfall on the rocky port of call. A lavender sunset calmed the calamity of it all, administering elements of synthesis. A stimulus, the regant score. The clouds roll back like a scroll, not to be seen anymore. Mesmerizing sapphires the backdrop, fluorescent sashaying a top. Sparkling incandescent, highlight the essence, the meaning of this evening. Shh, close your eyes, and breathe in the peace of the star lit skies. Your forehead the sky, your eyes the stars, your mouth the vineyards. Admiring your lips of sweet earth, I dig your decadent garden. The evening orb longs for the blazing ball, the orbit's rotation holding in it all. Polar opposites, singular, are one in our stellar arrangement, unification. Sunless beams create darkened shadows, sets the scene for courtesan scenarios. Lightless skies expose calm, happy and relaxed moon lit faces. In magnetic form, attracting confessions, secrets of the midnight sessions. People laugh and don't ask why. Take in a breath of the gloriousness, aestheticism decry. Azure firmament, catapults star dust and vaults the mulberry hued heavens. Nebulous, inky and wild blue so astonishing it seems untrue. Then, all at once it's through. Sunrise kisses the evening goodbye, farewell to a good night. Aurora, early bright, the sublime align, time to shine, purity white light, in God's design perfectly right.


Joan L. Dutkin

* Published 

Sacrosanct Conception

The chartreuse green of the bud in the spring,

the way the wind makes the bell chimes ring,

are sounding sacrosanct conception. Elaborate,

in the same direction, even the glass of the

rubied wine, tells of the fullness from the

Creator of time. Velveteen violets soaking in the warmth of the evening sun. Firm and fragrant, fragile too somewhat like you. Every morn royal, purposed, few. With the secret known of what’s gone and to come, will always be align with the Holy One. Not by force, all things with love, is the resounding answer dawning from above. And with all the wisdom of what rings true, these are the gifts God has given to me, and to you. Kingdom come, high hopes for you. As sunlight shines through sparkle dew, aspiration, I’ve prayed you’d knew, the Savior, tried and true. More than pure love for you, wrapped in magenta imperial purple hue. Still wanting for holy touch, to know you to love you so much. Positive affinity, ostrich egg rarity. A psalm, a parody, joy filled hilarity absolute no vanity. Highborn empyrean, regal, pompous pretty, onlookers take pity. A consecration consumed, utopian enrollment. Atonement, enrobing putting on of the new man promised land potent. Bliss, blessedness, pearly gates, harmony, happiness awaits. Afterworld wonderful the sky full of electric thunder. Coveted, just as exquisite as the nature of the flower on display a holy holiday. Such beauty to be taken, always fresh. Enamored in your ways Ancient of Days, never go away. Keep me close as to not stray.


Joan L. Dutkin

* Published 

"We all arrive at your doorstep sooner

or later, loaded with guilt,

Our sins too much for us—

but you get rid of them once and for all.

Blessed are the chosen! Blessed the guest

at home in your place!

We expect our fill of good things

in your house, your heavenly manse.

All your salvation wonders

are on display in your trophy room.

Earth-Tamer, Ocean-Pourer,

Mountain-Maker, Hill-Dresser,

Muzzler of sea storm and wave crash,

of mobs in noisy riot—

Far and wide they’ll come to a stop,

they’ll stare in awe, in wonder.

Dawn and dusk take turns

calling, “Come and worship.”

Oh, visit the earth,

ask her to join the dance!

Deck her out in spring showers,

fill the God-River with living water.

Paint the wheat fields golden.

Creation was made for this!

Drench the plowed fields,

soak the dirt clods

With rainfall as harrow and rake

bring her to blossom and fruit.

Snow-crown the peaks with splendor,

scatter rose petals down your paths,

All through the wild meadows, rose petals.

Set the hills to dancing,

Dress the canyon walls with live sheep,

a drape of flax across the valleys.

Let them shout, and shout, and shout!

Oh, oh, let them sing!"

- Psalm 65 -

Please Love Me Divinely

Sacred soaked in holy water, stoked. In a cloud I am cloaked. Evoked, you voice my name, moan. I answer heaven's call, provoked. Woke, fully awake from a secret slumber, hunger. In sun kissed skin, umber.

As if to glisten, all for you, listen. "Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them." 1 John 4:16 Come adore, play, sing! Genus Sison, green and gold and blessed pistons. You wrap me in your love without reason. A glorious season, notorious for pleasing. Euphoric, your lavish adoring, historic. Inclinations of ecstasy, infatuation, coquettishly. Born from celibacy, religiously. To the feet of thee my Lord, Majesty. Zealously, harmoniously, music from me. In a tip toe of Passiflora cling to me. My heart requires from thee. Armorously, meaningfully engaging the Trinity. In golden ardency a circle of fidelity. The decency thick with relativity, you meet with me. Soundscape heavenly, smiling, pampering benevolently. Ambrosial, all for you, all for me.


Joan L. Dutkin

* Published 

Tempus Aestas

Precipitation plays percussion.

The rhythm to the fantasy in my minds eye,

a gift from the evening sky.

A new day then dawns grace,

and a proverbial smile upon my face.

Tangerine and peach horizon sparks

an olive branch, setting a leaf ablaze.

The bronze, the gold, electric yellow,

makes me relaxed, balmy, mellow.

Ether origins, heavily endowed in decency

and cultivation, mend my motivation.

Birthing efflorescence denouement

with epiphany! It is God's symphony,

a melodic and memorable design.

A heated steamy spring renews the morning dew,

to be scorched by the sultry ethereal day break.

An all inclusive warming with the fire

of God's love. Wanting ladylove gazes upon turtledoves. Whereof, something juicy attracting from above. Perspiring, sweltering clementines growing wild rest juicy on the vine, plump, cloying,

pleasant and divine. The makings of miracles and incandescent wine.

Summer soothes in golden shine.

Touches with enticement this desirous heart of mine.


Joan L. Dutkin

* Published 

Cloud Nine Feather Light

Love exquisite so utterly high the heavens sigh.

Peering through cloud nine, ecstatic love, it's time.

A match made in heaven, arches over exceeding

fortune seven. On plane three, epiphany meant to be.

The Seraphim are happy to see you call to me.

An Abba Father gift, play and cherish it. Making hearts pound blood rush rhythm sounds. Post haste, love is timeless, no time to waste. Effervescent emotion rising higher to the top, traveling places, mountainous spots. Golden like honey, translucent, isn't it funny. The cure and sweet all together strong meat. Pure poetry, if only you'd known the Trinity. While striving for heaven's door love rises once more. We usher in wiser to settle the score. Not to battle love, God's gifting hand from above. But to fight with tools of devotee, a peace treaty. Holy winged dove touches the ground and sounds, "Superior the next time around." Wafting feather light into the sky, my love causes me to fly. In wonderment we ask, "Why?" When you ask of love, honest love has it's own expectations. Requirements, bona fide, it desires great manifestations. When love makes you weak, love makes you strong stay in stride. Tussle with it and certainly something will go wrong. Dream, and drink in this heart torch song. At Heaven's Church the Angels sit and perch. They listen and smile knowing all the while love never dies, it thrives, rematerialize.

I long to see it in yearning eyes. In tender intent, imagine that, let that be a feather in your cap. And what if you knew while apart our love it grew. Fondness to tell, our love on this plain somewhere between heaven and hell. Nourishment, Alma, God's grain a river swell. Exorbitant fruitful and delish, thee sought after dish. Served candle flame warm to heal what's torn. Captured enraptured love my wish, as enduring this moment and ever still such thrill. Beaming a beacon on a hill, churning an effectual mill. Producing by feather's quill, a heart note,

a lovelorn's fill.


Joan L. Dutkin

* Published 

Taunting the Abyss

Star showers when we meet, astrophile.

Here I am, dressed in innocence so much relevance.

The ritual preference, is adoring your essence.

What stupefying beauty is this,

the seraphic truths, Genesis?

And what of longing, things we do not know,

the golden fruit?

Ask me of love, it's raining above.

Doused in spring showers, heavenly

pink water's power.

Rose bushes bloomed angel faces

we put them in onyx vases.

Taunting the abyss, we were created for this.

Mightily soak in the rainfall holy water bliss.

Syzygy, visit my stunning alfresco playdium,

endowed with zeal and moon radiance

a crystaline stadium.

Garden grower, wine pourer I'm longing

more and more over.

In sacrificial rites, your smile enthralls, delights.

Cynosure, my cloud framer ignite this night.

I am a temple, I tell no lies, know this, realize.

Enlighten your eyes, a spiritual affinity.

Come out, pray with me

the stars are shining brilliantly.

This aurous savant, your right gifting hand I want.

An encore trance, this theological observance.

Sing of the just desserts, first fruits

and petrichor cakes.

Across the communal lake, do you even know

what's at stake? Is it love, is it fate this cultish rush, royal and sedate. Turn to me, caress, see me blush, lover's bait. Flickering fire hot as to scold and now behold. Our tale long untold, unfold.


Joan L. Dutkin

* Published 

Apple's Ovaries

Crisp green sharp serene, taste lush, copious you know what I mean. Cool water orchards grow in sunset fields with torches. The apples ovary, a gift from You to your glory. The core of its being Abba Father, is faithful fruitful to thee. The seeds obey growing into trees, with abundance therein following your masterful plan. Plenteous complete, always just right to eat. Malus domestica shows your ample love high above the tallest fluted tree tops. Pristine quality, satiated even in frivolity. Cultivate cosmos ground. Don't hesitate, revelate be found. Blush blossoms speak of your grandeur exceeding the heavens as You reign in the splendor of the harvest. Apple's core the seed it stores, even the fruit yes is yours.


Joan L. Dutkin

* Published 

Sarasota's Summer

An amber touch of warmth blankets our skin.

Fiery arousal of heat blows in August air graces the shore. A taste for vibrant earthen colors overcame you. Splashing hope for abundant grand blossoms. Tiger Lilies bow with morning dew in their true nature of worship. Clouds transcend shade across thy cheek.

In God's presence we walk mildly on the beach.

Breath inwardly, satisfies with a hint of saltiness.

Favorable circumstances march in promising journeys. Musical winds dance with children's laughter. Pearls of cold ice cream tames the tongue.

Lush green palms, rightly so, a cover me.

Coconut scented toes disappear into grainy shell jeweled sand. Reaching to wipe the glisten above your brow I see your thirsty smile. Boats busying in the background all the while. An awesome awareness, the magnitude of sheer thankfulness. A heartfelt prayer solidifies commitment, while thunder ushers in majestic breezes. The divinely touched sunset pours into the sky, arise my eyes.

Drift me into a silky sheet slumber.

Hail the gift of summer...


Joan L. Dutkin

* Published

Bridle the Tongue

Smooth as silk robes, delight me with your chatty charms. Make your words like a musical harp, soft not sharp. Bridle the tongue keep it free from wickedness my sugared lips. Sweet with ease, talk the things that love passion sees. Enraptured, your words do capture.

Delight to discuss, as a restorative caress, like a touch.

Soulful nurturing, hurt not, by the Holies you’re not forgot. Stimulating, luxurious conversation full of love exaltation. Passion squire articulate like an angelic choir! Honey dipped tongue is like flowery air into my lungs. No hush, more words, make them luscious.

For what we say we do, let it be nectarous

communiques from you. Speak sparks of truth in sumptuous grace don't wait, communicate. "LOVE" spoken loudly roars elevated as a lion's cry, lulls the quite anguish thereof, in octave 5. When talking trueness your ways appease, a plea, though you tease. Orate with beauteous ease, talk affectionately to me. Free from iniquity, a golden opportunity for only the things that please. Propel with aim, proclaim not defame, real love to be gained. I purpose my mouth, it shall not transgress, I will wear it like a

royal garment, best dressed.


Joan L. Dutkin

* Published 

Roses Jewels To Toes Is

Roses, jewels to toes is,

a thunder to asunder, love for one another.

In the gift of wisdom they said,

thinking from the back of my head,

no longer will I be misled.

A cockatoo softly sounding,

through and through, the still a thrill

`til morning. A dawn break dayed winds met with accolade, trees boast the promise of marmalade. We are not self, but wonderfully made. Deep to water’s edge a protective hedge, the waterloo, a sip or two enjoying the bayou. Water lilies relaxing in fragrant moonbeams, drunk from the algeed pond. From the depths of centeredness I rest. Surmount the contours of the mind, soundly, tightly never to untwine.


Joan L. Dutkin

* Published 



Pray Bible Verses for Deeper Spiritual Connection:

*Psalm 51 for Cleansing

*Psalm 91 for Protection

*John 15 vs 7 for Miracles

* Philippians 1:9–11 for Love

* Exodus 33:13 for Favor

* Psalm 37:4 for Heart's Desires Granted

Abba Father make me Your Child,

Holy Spirit make me Your Temple,

Jesus Christ make me Your Servant.

Humbly, Joan L. Dutkin

The Miracle Prayer

Lord Jesus Christ, I present myself before You, just as I am. I am sorry for my sins, I repent of my sins, please forgive me. In Your name, I forgive all others for what they have done against me. I renounce Satan, the evil spirits and all their works. I give You the Messiah my entire self. Lord Jesus, now and forever, I invite You into my life and my heart Jesus Christ. I accept You as my Lord and Savior. Heal me, change me to your glory, strengthen me in body, soul and spirit. Be with me Lord Jesus, cover me with Your precious blood, and be within me, Your Holy Spirit, I love You Jesus. I praise You Jesus. I thank You Jesus. I shall follow You every day of my life.

Amen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3EK2SEKILA&list=PL58g24NgWPIy4HUWplqHmXz0GCEcFy5Vw&index=92



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Suggested Reading

Title: Pieta Prayer Book

This book saved my life. The link is a virtual copy. http://www.angelfire.com/ca3/rafaelmarie/ThePieta/athepieta.html

Title: Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowals


Title: The Authentic Kloss Family

Back to Eden

Author, Jethro Kloss

Title: Possessing the Gates of the Enemy

Author, Cindy Jacobs

Title: Why Are There No Cats In The Bible?

Author, George Davidson

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